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This is beautiful.

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Just a little update.
Seeing some progress in my body which always is a good thing, even though I don’t workout as often anymore because of uni.
I just had my latin test and u think it went great but I don’t know my mark yet…. The next test is on Monday and it’s a Histology test. Ugh… Last time the class avr was 50+%. That is AWEFUL. My mark was quite a bit above avr but still not happy. Anyway… I’ve been studying my butt off so wish me luck for Monday. Gotta get those HDs to get me into Med.
Hope everyone is doing well xxx



Love this promotional work for Science World.

i love this

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Why aren’t people scared of things that don’t have calories??? Like, what is it if it doesn’t have calories!!!

No calories ➡️ no muscle ➡️ no abs